What is the role of Braille today?

"In a world where nearly everything is done via computer some might ask if Braille is now obsolete.  Al Puzzuoli, the RCPD's Information Technology specialist and a Braille user, explains, 'It would be a mistake for people to consider Braille obsolete.'  For Puzzuoli it is a matter of being literate.  'Although I don't use it everyday, knowing Braille gives me a better understanding of the language and how it works.'  In addition Braille is used in music, math, and to label things in public, such as elevator buttons and ATM machines." Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities

User-centric design suggests that some empathy with the process of seeing the world one byte at a time is helpful to appreciate how this technology works. As one understands how users process information, design improves.

What is a linear flow of text?

(how does Braille work?)

How do we read text? What is the experience of reading in tactile mode? What is the experience of text viewed by one finger? (Simulation of Braille in Flash)

The printed page as 2D+

...a tactile view

What does "Format for Print" mean when the lines are 40 characters long, the font is fixed - and, not only are bold and italics gone - there are NO Upper Case letters?

finger on Braille