Text Only

What was the Web before images?

Early Internet work involved the exchange of programs and comments - essentially text files. How would the "previous' page look in that format? (This is a quick and easy way to see how your page might "look" without images and fancy CSS. Note the linear sequence of the two-column layout.)

In fact, one of the original text-only browsers still exists as a Unix program: Lynx. Lynx browser via Wikipedia
(Note: Lynx assumes a good old "CHUI" - a character based user interface - a screen of 80 characters per line, 24 lines per screen. Therefore, the GUI screen takes up 3 Lynx screens.)

Below are screen shots from the page 'above' in Lynx screen shots. Click on an screen image below for a full-sized view. (Do not bother if you are blind. These are just images of text screens.)