Many organizations have a mission statement. The mission statement of this consulting firm is rather elaborate. Elaborate in that it includes not only an interest in universal design to empower people with disabilities, it also encompasses an ethic of advancing civilization.

The prophecy of Isaiah 11:9 seems relevant to the communication technology of the current age: "Knowledge will cover the earth as water covers the sea."

Indeed, the sea is composed of water, and our world has become a realm of knowledge.

The Ecosystem of Knowledge

An Extended Metaphor

No man is an island. And, increasingly, no electronic form of knowledge exists in isolation. There will be an "environmental impact" for every bit of new knowledge and for every new function.

image: head filled with knowledge

As we alter the world of knowledge, as we add to the ocean of information and functions, our goal should include not only the progress of the clients and users who will obviously benefit, but also the entire ecosystem of knowledge where our efforts will enrich the sea.

Commitment to Ideals

Ethics in Practice

The crafting of a mission statement does not always define the full implications of real-world choices. Open discussions of ethics are vital to clarify instances of a philosophy in specific situations with moral ambiguity.

image: page of ethics notes

An advancing civilization, a noble goal, will inevitably present dynamic instances requiring candid consultation.