Even with good design, implementation techniques may vary. An early release (a Beta to evaluate full implementation) may be done in a way that will require a complete redevelopment effort.

The goal should be to minimize rework. Even throw away designs should have reuable components.

Good systems evolve for long periods of time. Part of the development effort should recognize extensibility. If all has gone well in the design process, there will be clear indications as to the direction of future releases.

Code and Test

Verify all Use Cases

An extensible framework includes:

  • Content Management Systems
  • Extensions to other systems
  • Feedback for next releases

These implementation techniques should enable more end-user tools, functions, and linkages to other systems.

If it has not occurred in earlier phases, this is the crucial stage to verify that the site will transform gracefully in as many environments as possible.

It is the time for rigorous accessibility testing.


More consultation

Use cases with checklists and accessibility audits insure successful deployment...

image: discuss use case list