Research and Analyze

This initial phase within the context of an entire ecosystem of knowledge is the point at which Information Architecture should begin. The nature of design is influenced by the scope and domain of each project: large or small; commerce or information only; government / private industry...

The first goal of an information architect is to understand. Both the context of the project and the goals of the client.

Agreement on a mission and/or business goals is essential. Also vital is a consensus on objectives and success criteria. These high-level goals should make sense to all: clients and all development stakeholders - and, to the extent possible, should be viewed through the lens of the end-users of the developed system. This phase may include a comparative analysis - a collection of other sites or functions that exist in the same domain.

Discovery and Research

Basic objectives

Discovery and research processes begin with a series of meetings to establish goals.

  • Understand existing goals
  • Define context & objectives
  • Preliminary work on audience definitions
  • Development of Project Plan

These goals express the requirements of the site developer – and, in formative terms, the needs of the end-users in terms of tools, views, and functions.

Modes of consultation

Discussions and collaborations are constant during the early stages of a project.

image: meeting