No - there is no Search function here. This is an information architecture site - a discussion of designs.

This section is about one of two finding techniques: Search. Although there have been arguments that a Search function is the sign of a poor hierarchical navigation scheme, the breadth of large sites requires more than Browse to find information.

The important questions are scope and interface design - in the context of the anticipated desires, skills, and experience of the intended user population.

Pathological simplicity

The universal starting point

Is this level of pure simplicity the best answer for all Searches? No. But, for a very basic starting point? Sure...

image: Google page



Library Complexity

A slight awareness of patron skill level


Is this level of pure complexity the best answer for a Library Search? No.

But, for a very comprehensive starting point? Sure...



image: complex Library search page


There is no panacea.

Every Search interface needs attention in the context of each unique system.