Philosophy - Collaboration

What are practical approaches to Collaboration?

It is not an accident that the link for Process follows Philosophy.  The practical work of creating common solutions requires both candor and courtesy.  By concentrating on “what is right” rather than “who is right,” the clash that generates the spark of insight will be the clash of differing ideas, not the conflict of contending personalities.


Design as Balance

Perspective Matters

There are advantages and disadvantages to a paradigm shift. Indeed, the perspective of the client, the user, and the architect may differ.


An essential question involves scope: is this an Innovation or a mere Improvement?

Commitment to Ideals

Consultation as Balance

A well-reasoned ethical view requires commitment. However, most of us are not called upon to demonstrate an ultimate commitment to our ideals.

image: Socrates drinking poison

Few of us live a life that would inspire Plato. Fortunately, creating accessible information systems is closer to engineering than to high philosophy.